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What is i-Ready? What Parents Need to Know

  • i-Ready Diagnostic and Instructional Program provides our teachers one way to gather baseline information and monitor progress for each Columbia County Schools student.

  • Ready is a diagnostic & instructional program for reading and math. This program replaces the Study Island assessment for reading and math that was used last year. During the first weeks of school your child completed an i-Ready online subject assessment in various short testing sittings.

  • Each assessment was individualized based on the student answer to a question. This makes this assessment an “adaptive” one. For example, a series of answers that are correct will result in slightly harder question, while a series of answers that are incorrect will yield slightly easier questions.

  • The results of these assessments have provided teachers with an instructional assessment based on what you child can do and the next steps for instruction. This i-Ready program, with teacher input, has placed your child into Online Instruction to support his or her progress in mastering essential skills and concepts in reading and math.

  • This interactive Online Learning Instruction occurs in our reading and math computer rotation for all students. Additional skill instruction may occur in the students direct teacher instruction rotation as well as independent/tutorial rotation for reading and math with the teacher assistant.

  • This i-Ready program is also available for home access.

  • The student log in information and Parent Training Guide are available to District parents and guardians. Image result for what is iready

  • Highlights of the Parent Training Guide:

    • Your child’s lessons are presented in three parts: tutorial, guided practice, and graded activity. 

    • Your child will receive relevant instruction with supportive feedback as he/she progresses through each lesson. 

    • To support student commitment there is an exciting format and engaging content, as well as Study Buddies and other interesting contemporary characters. 

    • As students complete each assignment successfully, they earn credits that they can use to play games. On the Parent Training Guide you have information to tour the program.

Here is this 5 minute parent introduction video.

Should you have any questions about this program please contact your child’s teacher.

Parent Guide